1.On line Email/Telephone provides customer 24-hour services.
2.Manufacturer direct pricing bring a greater space for customer profit.
3.Professional technical teams provide free DFM service
4.Ensure delivery time will be on time.
5.Whether sample order or a large number ODM production, we all can handle.
6. Full service in-house manufacturing and capabilities.
7.100% electrical and electricity performance test before shipped.
8. Comprehensive certificate: FDA/CE/RoHS/FCC

  We ensure the products we are offering has the best quality, and make sure every parts that is used for assembly the machines are 100% tested. This process is controlled on the process of materials incoming. We always attached great importance to quality than to quantity. In our company, every product should be obeyed a strict and complete procedure and standard from research, design, prototype, component selection, test production, mass production, to quality control. In administration affair, we have a high efficient computerized management system from receiving orders at sales department to shipping to ensure our best service for our customers.

  Choosing Helesmile as your electric toothbursh supplier in China will not be wrong and we will not let you down with the products and service that we provide. We have the faith that in the near future, Helensmile will be one of the largest supplier in China for electric toothbrush products and on Oral cleaning solutions provider as well.

   There are many other types of electric sonic toothbrushes and disinfection boxes, please contact us for more detailed product information